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i love ARASHI

hey! it’s for you ^_^

we both never been knew each other, aren’t we?
you’re so far at an unknown place
you never know the real and the ilusion me
never mind!
as long as we inhale the same fresh air, look the same round moon, and share the same bright sun
it’s enough for me
because i’m so hilarious at a moment i know that everything you did and i did too

thank you for your attendance in my life even if just an illusion figure
thank you for an undefined smile that always neutralize my heart
thank you for drawn me so deep
it’s too hurt, truly!
but no one can be blamed because it’s my choice

hey you there!
please continue give the best your own smile
i’m here straving for sweep my feeling away

and i promise i won’t love you anymore
but i’ll love someone like you
because you always be the best for me 🙂

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