25 Nov

my satoshi

November, 26th 2011
Is it your birthday, satoshi-chan?
Aaaa~ yokatta!! XD
Unnn~ I don’t care you know or not about this, but I want to expressing my statement birthday for you
*but i wish you read this >m<

Nee riidaa~
Happy 31st birthday
I don’t think you are as old as today, I don’t think today you’ve aged 31 years old but I don’t care about the number of your age. For me, you always be my botchan even if you should be my aniki XD

Riidaa~ Happy birthday
I pray
May God gives all the best for you
May your steps more mature than yesterday
May God creating your future always better than now
May God give a mate who will lead you to the goodness
I pray God understand my willing for your birthday

I hope you
always take care about arashi
always maintain arashi forever
always be our Riidaa today, tomorrow, next month, next year, 10 years  later, 20 years later, 50 years later, and so on.

like Jun-kun’s said in waku waku gakuen 5 month ago :
At the time of debut, I didn’t really know how to interact with riidaa. In fact, there were times I didn’t really know what to do.  Ever since that time, riida has been very kind and he accepts everything and anything. Even when we get discouraged, you still act calm and listen to us. So I think arashi is arashi today, it’s because of you
I really surprising Jun-kun said thing like this, before I heard this I think you always keep quite whatever happened about arashi *LOL gomenna XD
but now I know you’re the real leader of arashi
I know you manage arashi with your own way
you’re so flexible and look so leisurely XD
maybe you look unlike the real leader
but you prove about your leadership ability, you can bring arashi up to 12 years
and this fact proves you are our real leader
hey riidaa, arigatou gozaimasuta ^_^

Keep calm and never say you can’t doing anything because you’ve doing anything for arashi, for arashi’s fans
keep smiling riidaa! because everything is so meaningful ^^
keep always be arashi’s leader until the end of time
keep charming and keep young although you’ve aged 31 years old


Azizah T. Wulandari

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